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Respect the environnement & zero chimical product (no parfums, alcohol or any chemicals)

23 500 customers use Bio-Ball

As efficient as usual detergent

1 ball last you 1500 laundry. That’s 4 years of laundry. Save more than 1000€ on laundry detergent.

What is it ?

Bio-Ball is a Laundy Ball that you put inside your washing machine with your dirty clothes instead of detergent. It will last for up to 1500 loads of laundry. That’s about 4 years of laundry. It is compeltly natural (no parfums, alcohol or any other chemicals)

By using Bio-Ball you save around 1000€ and protect the earth from global warming


How does it work ?  

Inside of the Bio-Ball are 150 tiny little balls made of Bio Ceramic, once in contact of water inside your washing machine they produce a foam from pH water which create Alkaline.

-Deep Cleaning : The high Alkaline water created by Bio-Balls enables dirts and soils to be soaked free naturally.

-Disinfecting : This process also creates natural Hydrogen Peroxide type effect, which disinfects your clothes and kills the bacteria and odors.


How do they last 1500 washes ?  

The 150 Bio Ceramic little tiny balls inside the Bio-Balls collect odors, dirt and waste from your laundry, you simply put them in the sun for an afternoon to recharge them. You only need to do this approximately every 30 laundry loads. There is nothing else you need to do.


How many balls do I need ?

We recommend to use 2 balls for medium washing machine (usually 6kg of clothes), if you have a bigger washing machine we recommend 3 balls for 9kg of clothes and 4 balls for 12kg of clothes


Our customers tried it check their reactions on this video :


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